Beomat USA

For 40 years, Beomat have developed, manufactured and sold clay target launchers to satisfied customers around the world. Beomat are renowned for quality and reliability. The manufacturing plant is located in Storfors, Sweden and since 2009 Beomat have been owned by Naverviken.


In Karlstad in the late 60's, two shooters made the first prototype of our clay target launcher. They were dissatisfied with the existing brands which caused many problems including lots of target damage. A lot of work went into getting a launcher that was reliable and handled targets without target crush. Production began on a modest scale by Bröderna Hedbergs Mekaniska Verkstad in Skattkärr outside Karlstad.
The launchers were named after the workshop and sales began to increase when rumors of the launcher spread amongst shooters regarding the reliability. The name of the launchers was then changed to Beomat.

In the early 80’s more models with a rotating tray and a patented target elevator which laid down the target in a very gentle way were developed. The new launchers were received very well and exportation began. To meet increased demand, mainly from the U.S.A., production was moved in 1985 to Storfors were a company with the name Beomat manufactured and sold Beomat launchers. The product line consists of a variety of models. Sales of the launchers and spare parts for the Swedish market is from Storfors. The stock for spare parts are extensive and we also have parts for machines manufactured in the 70’s. In the bigger export markets, sales are handled by agents and where Beomat is not represented sales are handled from Storfors.

In the United States sale are managed by Quality Replacement Parts Inc. and has since the 80’s been Beomats largest market and have over the years been responsible for between 60%-85% of Beomats production of launchers for professional use. Our customers are predominantly professional shooters where Beomats reliability and low maintenance costs are appreciated. Reliability is consistent even in low temperatures, such as in Alaska. Many of the shooters roll more than ½ million targets annually. In recent years, sales of light launchers with 12 volt operation have increased. The area is predominantly sporting courses, conference centers, hunting groups, individuals etc. The launchers are continuously being developed in close relationship with shooters and manufacturers of clay targets.